Through a series of community meetings, facility analysis, and staff interviews, Central Montcalm Public Schools identified and prioritized much-needed improvements to the infrastructure-focused primarily on student safety, protecting the assets of the district, and efficiency. 


In August of 2016, the Central Montcalm community approved the first major physical improvements to the district in over 15 years. The overall scope of the project will be completed in two capital bond series with the second phase of improvements starting in 2020.


The second phase of projects include:

  • New parking lot at the high school / middle school.

  • New drop off / pick up loop and parking lot at the Upper Elementary to alleviate traffic congestion and improve traffic safety during student drop offs and pickups.

  • New athletic entrance at the high school / middle school softball and football fields.

  • Exterior door and window replacement at the high school / middle school, upper elementary and lower elementary.

  • Roof improvements at the upper elementary and learning center.

  • Mechanical controls upgrade at the high school / middle school, upper elementary and lower elementary.

  • Other replacement projects to support program changes or replace failing building systems.


These early projects should be completed by fall 2020.


Program Goals:

  • Each improvement should enhance one or more of the three main improvement concepts of; providing a secure environment, protecting existing investments, and increasing efficiencies.

  • Deliver the projects with collaborative and transparent communication.

  • Provide opportunities for businesses in the community connected to the construction industry.

  • Execute projects in a safe, fiscally responsible and professional manner.


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